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Control(Any) is a totally customizable, integrated Complete Smart Home & Building Automation system that can be widely used for device management, remote access and cross communications - predominantly allowing Machine to Machine (M2M) communication between smart devices. ControlAny (CA) offers residential builders a complete home control platform that can be implemented in new builds without any changes to existing electrical designs or choice of fixtures. The CA solution is affordable for any home and scales from the studio apartment to mansion. ControlAny does not rely upon Internet connectivity for local control and can also be integrated with any 3rd party platforms with an open protocol or API. ControlAny’s proprietary Controller can manage 200 endpoints across all wireless protocols including Zigbee, Zwave, Bluetooth, Wifi and IR. What Control(Any) Can Do: • Electricity Usage Monitoring • Remote On/Off • Voltage Regulation (Dimming) • Voice controlled light activation/deactivation and dimming • Child Control ( Lock) • Scheduled Events • Alerts • End Point Control

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Created May/2012
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