BE OPEN AND OPEN SOURCE We have a strong open source background, mainly through Plone and Zope. We believe that open software is better software, and we have seen time and time again how openness enables organizations to achieve extraordinary outcomes with their data. Crate's ability to rapidly build and ship innovative software owes a great deal to the availability of high-quality open source software that is freely available to integrate as components of larger works. A few high-profile modules power various pieces of our technology stack, namely Lucene, Netty, Elasticsearch, and Facebook Presto. Crate.IO delivers its software as open source, accessible from the public open source repository on GitHub. Going forward, we will continue to release open source components of our software and make them available to the public. WHY WE BUILT CRATE Crate.IO was founded in 2013 by Jodok Batlogg, Christian Lutz, and Bernd Dorn. Our prior experience was all about working with large data sets and setting up the elements to support them. Our experience taught us to pay attention to ease of use, from simple installation to painless operation of huge clusters. Data stores should be simple for developers to use. Big Data mountains grow everywhere. Yet it is still difficult to design, develop, and operate back-end services that truly scale. Underlying traditional databases don’t scale well; solutions are expensive. There is a human factor at play, too. Finding DevOps personnel with extended cluster management and big data experience is difficult and costly. We offer a cluster software stack for querying, storing, and searching the world’s information. We support many kinds of data including structured, unstructured, relational, temporal, and geospatial, and Crate REALLY scales well. Our product is built with a focus on scalability, ease of use, collaboration, and integration. Crate is already deployed in e-commerce, startup, mobile app, automotive, and Internet of Things companies, and is spreading rapidly. We are deeply passionate about building great software and a successful company.



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