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CurrencyTransfer, an online marketplace for international payments that provides businesses with confidence, transparency and the lowest fees when making payments abroad. Businesses can access currency exchange quotes from multiple FCA-regulated brokers in one place, allowing them for the first time to take complete control of their cross-border trade. In the same way that Expedia, Kayak and booking.com have transformed the travel industry, CurrencyTransfer aims to disrupt international business payments, driving down fees and levelling the playing field. Sending an international business payment is usually expensive, time-consuming and far from transparent. Banks apply hidden markups of up to 4% away from the ‘real’ exchange rate, often disguising poor rates with ‘0% commission’ slogans. To get the best rates, businesses are left to call up multiple brokers, which takes time and puts customers at the mercy of currency salesmen. CurrencyTransfer brings transparency to an opaque industry by allowing businesses to compare live quotes from different brokers alongside the mid-market rate, so that securing the best deal on a money transfer is as easy as booking the cheapest plane ticket online. More than just a comparison site, businesses can book trades, store multiple beneficiaries and view their complete trade history, simplifying and streamlining the process.

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