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Given our more than 35-year record of accomplishments in the areas of retail, brand development, product management, financial management and sales growth, we were able to create Curve & Co for Colombia, Mexico, Canada and the US. As a team we are on a mission to bring beautiful and comfortable lingerie and swimwear to curvy women seeking for bigger sizes all around the world. We were born as a response to the damaging and unachievable beauty standards set by the fashion industry. We believe, that beauty is not about how you look, but how you feel about yourself, and that’s why we teamed up to bring all of our expertise and skills to develop much more than a company, a lifestyle.  According to the World Health Organization, (WHO), 2 out of 3 women in Latin America have a Body Mass Index of 25, which means they are OVERWEIGHT. In 2014 Colombia alone sold more than 104 million dollars in regular-size lingerie, yet we are the only ones catering to this market. Right now we are expanding our horizons and seizing the opportunity to be a world-wide brand. We have sales associates in Russia, the US, Argentina and Canada. We are here, to help every woman to feel gorgeous in her own way, every day.  We are fully committed to help them enjoy their lifetime to the fullest. ** Key brand facts: - First exclusive plus size swimwear and lingerie brand in Latin America; - Selected by PROCOLOMBIA as 2014’s brand of the year; - Proven, comprehensive global, world-class operating processes. - We are in the process of making business with industry giants like Bikini Village in Canada, Liverpool and Chedraui in Mexico, SEARS in the US. Based on the proven record of the brand and its expansion, we are looking for potential customers interested on having us as part of their portfolio. Because life is Curvy!

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Created Colombia, March/2015
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