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At DADA Company we create and develop fun and educational apps: interactive books and digital toys for children to discover, learn and culti

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At Dada Company our aim is to develop original high quality projects and stories which hold the secrets to wowing, entertaining, being fun, exciting and educational. We like to think about each of our books as a different adventure, each one with its own set of rules. We believe in the power of creativity and we look for ways to develop this area in children more effectively. At DADA Company we support the comprehensive development of children from birth to 11 years of age, relying on interactive digital content that provides a multimedia experience designed to educate through fun activities. The role of parents and educators is essential to a child’s development, and we offer content open to their participation and advice. Our goal is summarized in The Seven DADA Commitments: 1) Encouraging creativity and learning. 2) Stimulating curiosity and developing imagination. 3) Transmitting and strengthening educational universal values ​​of tolerance, freedom, equality, and friendship. 4) Bringing children to the world of reading. 5 ) Discovering the basic elements of our world. 6) Providing educational entertainment wherever you are. 7) Sharing experiences with parents. These Seven DADA Commitments makes us different and they mark our core values. We still live with that big kid inside all of us and we love living those adventures. Join us!

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