User friendly and efficient practice management software for solo attorneys and small law firms. Created by lawyers for lawyers.



About Denovo

Denovo is designed to eliminate common pain points for attorneys by focusing on adding value where it matters most. Denovo offers streamlined and efficient matter management software for the solo practitioner and small law firm. Created by small practice lawyers for lawyers, with a focus on ease of use and effective contact management, matter management, time tracking, turnkey document automation, document storage, and more. We'll expand into Denovo Marketplace - a place where firms can purchase individual templates and packages of templates designed to seamlessly integrate with their Denovo practice management platform for speeding up their processes for meeting their client needs. We'll also build a customer client portal, which will provide a secure place for customer interaction, document sharing, and document automation. We truly want to give the solo attorney and small law practice a fighting chance for success against the commoditazation of legal service. We believe relationships matter - between software provider and customer, between attorney and client. We care about the future of law, entrepreneurial lawyers, and small practice success.

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Created United States, January/2015
Status Startup

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