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Domino Soft is an innovative and customer driven company that focuses on 3 areas: Business Web Apps, Mobile Apps and Customer Support

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Domino Soft is an innovative and customer driven company that focuses its business on three areas: -Business Application Development -Mobile Applications and -Customer Support These three divisions are focused in delivering the best quality and services, backed by our talented and professional team of experts. We aim to develop innovative products in the customer support and business operations areas, as well as to expand our presence in the emerging markets of Latin America, where there is a fast-growing demand for high-quality web and mobile business applications. Our Capabilities -We have more than 15 years of experience in business application development, providing both tailor-made and commercial applications -We offer a new way of delivering our projects that uses agile methodologies and reduces the amount of time and re-processing thanks to our own application Framework. -We focus on quality, functionality and accessibility to all our customers, regardless of their size and industry -We strive to understand our customers’ businesses and help them exploit and benefit from cutting edge technology Our Achievements -In the last 8 years, we have developed more than 15 custom-made business applications for industries, such as banking, energy and retail. -We have helped our customers to exploit technology in order to increase their revenue by up to 40%. -We have developed our own Web and Mobile Application Framework, which has helped us reduce the developing process time up to 70%. -We have learned to become our customer’s business partners instead of just solution providers, which has increased our customer's loyalty by up to 60%. What can we do for you? -We can help you to correctly exploit technology in order to increase your productivity, revenue and efficiency -Automate even the most complex business processes -Convert your company to a customer-driven business, increasing your customer's loyalty and satisfaction -Implement modern, effective, accessible and high ROI business application for both, web and mobile environments

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