The DropKey® camera app paired with the DropKey® Studio in a Bag® will enable 100M+ kids to create broadcast quality green-screen content

About DropKey

Chroma key background replacement is used in 85% of what you see on television. It’s a hard, laborious, expensive process that is currently unavailable to the average person…until now. We solved a difficult physics problem in lighting and effectively Consumerized Chroma key for kids and pros on smart devices with the inflatable DropKey® Studio in a Bag®. With Mediabook, our iTunes for video clips, we created an Ecosystem for hundreds of millions of kids to buy and sell content used for location shots. We’ve put safe, full-length HD green-screen background replacement in the hands of a child for the first time in history. We believe this is a huge opportunity (like Instagram) that Hollywood has used for 75 years, and honored by the Thomas Edison Foundation who gave DropKey the Edison Award for Best Digital Product Innovation (2019). DropKey’s Academy and Emmy-award team will create this unique, insightful new marketplace, and with our Patent protection in China and Europe, we have a priceless, first-to-market opportunity.

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Created June/2018
Status Startup

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