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Our company was established in 2017, we develop and manufacture fixed-wing aerial mapping solutions

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SHORT SUMMARY Our company was established in 2017, we develop and manufacture fixed-wing aerial mapping solutions. Our first product is the Hussar. This UAV has been designed entirely by us after 12 months of R&D. We currently have a working product with a number of units sold. Our customers are scattered around the globe and we are working with them to improve the product even further. In our 17 months of existence, we have used £180k of investment and taken £57k in sales. THE BUSINESS The team has over 21 years of experience in designing and manufacturing UAVs, with experience serving civil, commercial and research organisations worldwide. The Eagle Pride team forms a specialized and experienced group of people passionate about UAVs and the advantages they can bring. With this knowledge and experience, we started to develop our new mapping drone. Using a fresh look at fixed-wing UAV design and a determination to do it right the HUSSAR was born! Already our system is capable to work with RGB, NDVI and Thermal sensors. We have future projects already on the drawing board to keep our product line ahead of the competition. THE MARKET Even in this very short time, we have attracted enquiries from the oil and gas industry, search and rescue, security, agriculture, mining (both in active mine operations and prospecting), and educational sectors. As the FAA and CAA continue to integrate UAVs into the mainstream their use is only set to grow as they can in many cases replace expensive manned aviation operations. Goldman Sachs predicts that the total spending on drones worldwide will be over $100 billion by the year 2020. The commercial and civil proportion being listed at an estimated $13 billion. Within this sector many of the opportunities are ones that are most suited to a fixed wing UAV solution, several are areas we are already operating in or have had enquiries for. Such as mining, agriculture, construction. As automation continues in our lives UAV will become an integral part, for instance in agriculture data provided by UAVs is needed to control driverless tractors and the systems they carry. PROGRESS/PROOF After 17 months of existence, the team has released our first product the Hussar Mapping System. A fixed-wing UAV orientated on safety and ease of use. We have started to achieve our first sales which wasn't easy for such a new brand. Our product has been delivered to customers in Namibia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Korea. We have also trained and continued to support all the people associated with the UAV operation within these groups. The product has received extremely positive feedback from our current customers, and we are continuing to improve the product both actively based on customer feedback and pro-actively. OBJECTIVES/FUTURE We need help both in the form of financial investment and sound advice to take our first product as far as we can. Primarily we see these areas of importance: The Internet is our first point of contact for potential customers, so far we have been managing our marketing in house but our target is to start to cooperate with leading marketing companies to help Eagle Pride grow and realise our vision. When sales grow we will also need the ability to increase our manufacturing and customer support capability. To ensure we don’t stand still we also have several future projects we want to work on: • A VTOL (Vertical Take Off and Land) aircraft, this will allow use in more urban environments. • An aircraft featuring the highly accurate PPK (Post Processed Kinematic) GPS. Demands on accuracy increase all the time and this will help us keep in line with the market leaders. • The integration of different sensors such as Geomagnetic and ever greater resolutions of cameras. HIGHLIGHTS • We have a working product and customers using it • Currently we are cooperating with one of the biggest mining companies in the world • We are looking for 3 years investment, with min £350,000 per year up to a maximum of £1,000,000 for 3 years • Our UAV has received very positive feedback from our existing customers • We are not limited just to one market, mining, agriculture, environmental monitoring, construction, oil and gas are all potential customers. Overview Target £1,000,000 Minimum £350,000 Stage Achieving Sales

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