Artificial Intelligence for Smart Agro




ec2ce artificial intelligence for Smart Agro

Decoding the future by advanced math modeling of Big Data and market knowledge to create and model different output scenarios by utilizing sophisticated machine-learning methodologies, which include proprietary association rules and fuzzy logic algorithms to predict the evolution of a given target, with applications in smart-agro and e-health

ec2ce has developed a tech tool that applies AI to the ag-tech  sector (smart-agro), providing predictions of the evolution of yield parameters, fertilizer management, irrigation, and spread of pests from all the agricultural data fron different sources, facilitating farmer decision making. 

The models provide predictions and optimization involving intelligent tools for data processing, providing smart solutions for decision making in the agricultural sector, 

That is what we call decision agriculture, the next step from  precision agriculture

The application of predictive models in agricultural management pose boost productivity of farms, increasing their profitability. On the other hand, applied to the integrated pest management, allow us to anticipate the spread of these, reducing the consumption of pesticides and therefore the environmental condition of agricultural production. All this also aligns with the requirements of the new European common agricultural policy, premium efficient management in terms of productivity and sustainability.
Organization founded in Spain. Since January/2014. 8 employees. SEED phase.


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