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Energy Management Software with advanced analytics and control over remote equipment for saving energy


About Effilogics Technologies

Effilogics improves business efficiency by making a deep analysis of their energy-related information. Effilogics provides a full-featured energy management platform based on big data, predictive analytics and IoT technologies. Effilogics' SaaS platform is transforming three type of businesses: - Enterprises: real time data analysis allows their operational teams to plan and quantify energy savings and improve sustainability actions. - Utilities and energy retailers: energy business intelligence tools allow sales teams to improve customer acquisition efficiency, prioritize sales leads, reduce churn rate and become trusted partners of their customers. - Energy-related service providers such as ESCOs, Facility Management or HVAC and Lighting vendors: submetering and detailed energy reports allow sales teams to quantify and demonstrate savings and return on investment to their leads. Effilogics allows energy and water cost reduction by providing detailed information about where, how much and how to reduce expenses, but also analyzing the information, giving recommendations, assisting in the decision making process and enforcing the policies and actions previously determined. Founded in 2011 as spinoff from a technological R&D center, Effilogics is headquartered in Barcelona.

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Created Spain, December/2011
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