Creator of the personal Autonomous Aerial Vehicle EHANG 184 and Ghostdrone, the drone that anyone can fly.


About EHang

EHang, Inc. is an innovative, technology oriented, enterprise that is specializing in smart drone R&D, manufacturing and sales. We develop the easiest drone to fly in the world and are hoping to make drones accessible to everyone. Founded in April 2014, EHang’s headquarters are located in Guangzhou, China. Including other branches in Beijing, Shanghai and San Francisco, EHang has approximately 200 employees. The engineers at EHang are passionate about the union of hardware and software when bringing new models of aircrafts to life. We self-develop the original flight controller with an accurate algorithm, which utilizes a unique way of App control. EHang created a revolutionary user experience which changes the drone industry’s traditional way of RC control. This operation is simple and intuitive, thus anyone can enjoy flying a drone. Moreover, EHang looks forward to developing more functional applications based on mobile internet in the future. These innovative drone products developed by EHang can be widely adopted in different industries including; filming,landscape mapping, news gathering, energy resource survey, search & rescue, investigation & monitoring, logistics and so on. Taking the advantages of simple, smart and Internet connectability, EHang’s smart drone products GHOSTDRONE has been sold to 70 countries and areas across the world. Within 16 months EHang raised a $10 million series A and $42 million series B, resulting in 100x growth in valuation, and becoming the fastest growing & greatest potential dark horse in the drone industry. EHang was also rated one of the top 50 innovative Chinese companies in 2014 by Fast Company business magazine and won Top Pick for Tom’s Guide at CES 2015. As the new era of intelligence is coming, EHang will strive to show the power of “Created in China”to the world.

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