Laser devices for industrial coatings thickness control

About Enovasense

Enovasense was created in 2012 by two optical engineers who graduated from the Institut d’Optique, a grande école specializing in optics, located just outside of Paris. The need for a precise thickness measurement of industrial coatings was identified after meeting a few key people in a various industries. It became obvious that the state of the art in that matter was not able to produce fully statisfactory solutions. The founders of Enovasense then had the idea to develop a technology based on photothermal radiometry, which refers to a range of techniques combining thermodynamics and optics. Since the company was incorporated in February 2013, many industrial partnerships were progressively built in various sectors: galvanisation, aeronautics, health, and also the automotive and the energy sectors. Enovasense has developped an approach of growing commitment from our industrial partners in order to identify lead markets. In parallel, a market survey was carried out by a specialised research firm, which showed a strong interest for our technology. Our company conducts feasibility studies and in situ testing to prepare the industrialisation process. Our goal is to be able to offer for sale a reliable, efficient industrial device as quicly as possible.

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