Eskesso allows everybody to easily cook tasty, healthy meals, share recipes and buy ready-to-cook food parcels, saving time and effort.

About Eskesso

Eskesso is a food tech company with the mission of putting better food on people’s plate. We have created a smart cooking appliance that takes the hassle out of cooking delicious food. Controllable through a mobile app, users can cook their own meals inspired by our library of recipes, or they can order ready-to-cook parcels through our meal marketplace. Longer working hours, mass incorporation of the woman to labour market or smaller households are changing urban citizens’ eating habits that are turning to either unhealthy or expensive ready-to-eat-meals, takeaways or delivery options. This is directly associated with rising levels of overweight and obesity, affecting 50% and 20% of the EU citizens respectively, which are key risk factors for cardiovascular diseases or type 2 diabetes. Eskesso offers a convenient and affordable sous vide* cooking appliance – the healthiest cooking technique thanks to a higher proportion of nutrients being preserved and no oil/butter being required – that can be remotely programmed and controlled from the "Eskesso App" to have high quality meals ready to be eaten for when getting back home. Because most of our target client have no time or skill to prepare their own sous vide meals, at Eskesso we are also creating a network of guaranteed chefs, restaurants and catering companies that will prepare and sell via the "Eskesso marketplace" the food parcels ready to be cooked by consumers using the sous vide technique. Eskesso will offer a food parcels’ delivery service in the main european cities (starting in London). *Sous vide, which means “under-vacuum”, is a cooking technique based on keeping a vacuum-packed piece of food inside a pot of water at a constant but relatively low temperature (50-80ºC) for a long time. It is the healthiest cooking technique, since low temperature preserves all the food’s nutrients and, in addition, no extra calories/fats are added during the cooking process, as no oil or butter is used. ESKESSO targets three main different segments of clients. We have followed the Lean methodology to identify, understand and characterized them. “Busy&Lazy” People living in cities with little time for cooking and/or not cooking skills: business man/women, singles, displaced employees or students living on small households (in EU, 2/3 of the households are of one or two people). “Home chefs” People who really like cooking and enjoy new cooking techniques. The interest on hobby cooking, inspired by TV cooking shows, is growing and has driven demand for cooking appliances. “Professional chefs” People professionally engaged to cooking activities, such as chefs, restaurants or catering companies. Also “hidden chefs” not yet known and hence willing to gain visibility and popularity. The three of them are potential buyers of our appliance, while in the marketplace, the first two will act as consumers of food parcels and the last one as providers. We can affirm that Eskesso clearly pushes forward the state-of-the-art of the sous vide cooking device market, using its IoT connectivity to provide a full feeding solution. Furthermore, it is a solution that offers the best value for money, since it is the only sous vide appliance with the next Unique Selling Points: ✓ Affordable price, 2 times lower than existing solution’s average price. ✓ Increase security: waterproof. ✓ Remote control to allow users to cook chef-quality sous vide meals easily and remotely. ✓ Easy way to program recipes in the appliance with the App. No cooking skills required. ✓ Social network to create, share and download recipes. ✓ Food packs marketplace: a showcase for chefs, restaurants and catering companies + hassle free access to affordable, healthy and tasty ready-to-cook meal delivered to the consumer ́s address.

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