A personal productivity tool that trains you in pure productivity principles as you work.

About FacileThings

FacileThings is a multi-platform app that allows you to implement 100% GTD from the very first minute and forces you to follow the rules. Smoothly, simply and easily. Integrated with the most used productivity tools today: e-mail, Evernote, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Twitter... Since current productivity tools don’t rely on the "Getting Things Done" methodology, people who use it as a personal organization method have to set up their system from scratch and keep the necessary workflow in their minds. They also need to use several tools and move stuff between them to stay organized. In the end, they need more time to get organized than to get things done, which is somewhat counterproductive, right? Our first market is the niche formed by GTDers (+10M), that is, people who implement GTD in their life and work, and are willing to pay more for a better, more specific product. Our long-term market is everyone interested in get better organized and live a more relaxed life.

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Created Spain, April/2010
Status Startup

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