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Have you ever wanted to know who the best professionals in the fitness industry are? Do you struggle to stay on top of your education to make yourself a better trainer? Do you feel like there is too much education available in the fitness industry and that you aren’t sure who to trust? Are there seminars or workshops that you’ve taken in the past and haven't applied as much as you could have? Do you have a plan for your fitness education for the next week, month, year, and 5 years? Have you ever wondered what courses you should take after you get your initial certification? You're definitely not alone! I’ve been in this position before and I have hired and trained over 100 personal trainers who have also been in the exact same position. What most personal trainers need is guidance on who trust, what certifications to take, and what products will make them better. Most of all though they need a program and plan to implement this education. Thats where Fitness Who's Who can help. We provide personal trainers and enthusiasts with the go to site for information on the personal training and fitness industries. This is the first of its kind site thats geared not just towards fitness, but to the professionals involved in making it so great. Our ideal customer is personal trainers who need help in deciphering through the clutter of misinformation in the industry.

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