Flexen is an online platform that will offer business owners a quick, affordable and easy way to actively select their next employee.


About Flexen

Flexen is an online platform where we bring personnel and business owners together. Our platform allows business owners to see who is available for their job so they can actively invite people for their job offer. Employees can see which jobs are available for their specific profile. Our matching algorithm will match candidates with the right jobs based on the specifications of their profile. We will continuously improve the algorithm based on the activity of the user and their preferences. This is a big difference in the way current interims and job sites work. Interims only work during the day-hours and ask a large fee when the employee starts working on their job. Interims are not a viable solution for sectors that have unexpected no-shows of personnel on unconventional hours of the day. Job sites are not a viable solution either for these sectors. They are a passive way for employers to find personnel and require the business owner to wait for a response. For some jobs there often is a lack of responses. Flexen will innovate on the following: Speed: our matching algorithm will immediately suggest a list of candidates for the job owner. They can choose to invite candidates on their own liking. Quality: our platform contains a unique feedback mechanism based on positive feedback. If we detect that some people lack good feedback, we will suggest courses for them to follow that are offered by our partners. Price: pricing starts from €199 per year for 1 job opening /month and ranges until €1499 per year for 12 job openings /month. This comes down to €10 per job opening which undercuts our competitions bij 1400% (eg: a job opening on jobkitchen costs €139 per job opening.

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