Viajes Sorpresa desde 100€ - Vuelo + 2 noches de Hotel 3/4* en el centro - Destino sorpresa, Fin de semana sorpresa o Todo sorpresa


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At FlyKube we are passionate about adventure, originality and surprise. Our startup was born in Barcelona to revolution the travel market. We have three types of surprise trips: SURPRISE DESTINATION Can you imagine the adrenaline of travelling without knowing where to until 2 days before leaving? Choose your trip dates, you'll be off to a suprise destination SURPRISE - DATES Do you want to travel to Rome but you can't find the moment to do it? Choose the destination and the month for your trip, you'll leave at a random weekend ALL SURPRISE Adventure for €100, a random destination and a weekend...but you can choose the month :) FlyKube works with twelve airports of origin, offering trips to the main European capitals. Naturally, it is alsopossible to travel in group. What are you waiting to discover our new travel concept? Send us an email for any info at hello@flykube.com

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