Force Fitness Personal Training

Force Fitness can provide the benefits and results of a Personal Training program to the entire community.




Force Fitness is a Personal Training company that has been engaged in the community since 2012. Centered in Boynton Beach FL, we have active clients throughout Palm Beach county and also serve individuals in California through an eTraining program we began last year. 

Our company seeks to root itself in Boynton Beach to provide a greater service to the community that has supported us from the beginning. 

Force Fitness has a long lasting successful Personal Training program for clients seeking private training. We also offer discounts for partner and group training. We also have a long history of Group Fitness Classes that served the community for years.

Force Fitness already has an established relationship with ONNIT, a supplement company that specifically uses earth grown nutrients to deliver a natural and holistic support to our members. We also have branded clothing that we've successfully sold over the past two years and are worn regularly in the community. 

We have specific appeal to athletes and MMA practitioners, as well as Strength Athletes, Obstacles Racers, Runners and Physique Competitors. 
We also have discounted rates for students which is especially appealing for athletes of Football, Wrestling and others.
Organization founded in United States. Since November/2013. GROWTH phase.



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