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How many times have we left a city without knowing all its historic details, gastronomic secrets and alternative leisure-time plans? Why do we have to pay, beforehand, for a guided tour if we don’t know wether it will satisfy our needs? Recently, it has become popular to carry out guided tours in exchange of voluntary tips -the so-called “freetours”-, but until now, there was no platform that would allow tourists to choose the most rated guides in the city and join for free their top-ranked freetours. Free Touring is a collaborative app which puts tourists in touch with professional and amateur tour guides to organise guided visits in exchange of tips, for the moment only in Madrid. The tourist decides how much money the tour is worth once it finishes, resulting in guides that are always motivated. So, Free Touring is a Wallapop-like marketplace, but focused on freetours, with a rating system which allows the tourists community to create a quality catalog of guides and freetours. In Free Touring, we believe in the “tourism 2.0”. Fair, collaborative, low-cost tourism. We want to be your fellow travel.

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