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Geadic Biotec is a biotechnology company that combine the background of a innovative biotech and an the experience of a robust pharma. Geadic Biotec A.I.E. has been created as a joint venture of the catalan pharma Laboratorio Reig Jofre S.A. and the biotech Oryzon genomics S.A. Geadic is a biotechnology company that discovers and develops innovative human therapeutics, as well as diagnostic tools, based on genomic analysis and using cellular and molecular biology. Geadic research is mainly focused in oncology, more specifically on endometrial cancer. Most advanced project is a diagnostic kit based in analysis of gene profile in endometrial aspirate that is in a clinical validation stage.Geadic conducts internal R&D projects focused on: Identification and validation of new targets Identification of new biomarkers for diagnostic and prognostic purposes Development of diagnostic kits based on gene profile or protein biomarkers Development of monoclonal antibodies for therapy Development of immunotoxines. Services and products: GEA-kit: diagnostic of endometrial cancer, using endometrial aspirate as a sample. Monoclonal human antibodies for innovative therapy of cancer under development. Technology: drug development process, from discovery, screening and validation of a new drug target to the validation of a drug compound, based in biologics. GMP production of drugs. Capacity to design, scale-up and optimize biotech processes, in special freeze-drying (Lyophilizate) products. Alliances and development opportunities GEADIC BIOTEC AIE is a joint venture between Oryzon Genomics, S.A. and Reig Jofre Group. Oryzon is a biomarker and target discovery company with in-vitro diagnostics and drug discovery programs in oncology and neurodegenerative diseases. Oryzon develops its own core research program in the biomedicine arena in partnership with academia and industry partners. Reig Jofré Group, founded in 1929 in Spain, is a leading industrial group in the European pharmaceutical market. It's structure includes Industrial Services, Pharma Division and R&D Division with key competences in Dermatology, Anti-infective, Respiratory and Gynecology. Reig Jofré has an alliance with Archivel to offer production of biologic drugs under GMP conditions for pre-clinical and clinical trials. Geadic is participant in ONCOLOGICA, a consortium of eight Spanish companies, that is currently conducting the “New strategies based on Biomarkers for cancer detection and prognostic, response prediction and the development of new drugs project. Research on biomarkers represents the common theme of the important technological efforts of this project aimed at the development of new oncologic therapies based on personalized medicine. Colaborations: In-licencing opportunities Parthnership to develop therapeutic tools based in monoclonal antibodies Pharnerships to develop prototypes for release drug delivery and targeting

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