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GHL is a ICT company dealing with mobile applications and web based platforms. LIPA RENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (lipa meaning pay) is a property management system on collecting monthly rent payment from the tenants. The product entails linking Tenants mobile to their bank accounts, and mobile money account (M-pesa and Airtel money)through USSD and APP platforms 24/7. This enables Tenants to submit their rent on time, with less hustle. Once the customer’s MSISDN/MOBILE is linked to the bank account, and mobile money account the customer will be able to: 1. Move money from their bank account and mobile money to their Landlords/Agents Bank Accounts. 2. Will be able to receive one month rent loan on interest bases. (kopa rent). payment period 3 months installment. 1 out of every 10 tenants always have a challenge submitting their rent on time but with the KOPA RENT (kopa meaning borrow) they will be able to request for a rent loan and pay in 3 months installment on a small interest. The platform offers convenience to Tenants being the largest stake holders and landlords/Agents. The number one tenancy requirement in any building is that all rent should be paid through the Agents bank which is provided on the day of occupying the house. According to the market research we have noted a big number of tenants have failed to submit their rent on time due to the process of acquiring the Bank slips as required by the Agents. With the platform Tenants can submit their rent on time through the Mobile USSD and mobile APP direct to their Agents/Landlords bank accounts in real time 24/7. OTHER PRODUCTS. • Pata nyumba: - It’s a property management system where tenant can locate vacant houses, houses for sale, land and property for sale. • Huk me up:- it’s an event promotion platform where party freak can get hocked up on ongoing events around the country. • Afrika stream:- Kenyans and Africa at large can stream Africa related contents and download at a cost. • Parking management system:- it’s a parking mobile payment management system.

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Created Kenya, September/2015
Status Startup

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