Genially is an online tool for creating interactive and animated content like presentations, infographics, dossiers, interactive images, etc

About Genially

Genially is an online tool for creating digital content, which anyone can use to make presentations, infographics, gamifications, images, and other content interactive. It's simple and free. Genially's aim is clear; we want everyone to be able to communicate effectively and keep their audience on its toes while reaching a whole new level and creating content they didn't know they were capable of making. Our mission is to enable anyone to create content that's astonishing, visual, and interact

Data Genially

Created Spain, June/2015
Wokers 15
Status Startup
Total inversión 1.520.000€
Rondas inversión
  • Early/Startup 11/2015
    300,00 K€
  • Early/Startup