Genially is a tool aimed to create interactive and animated contents free and easily.

About Genial.ly

Genially is a tool aimed to create interactive and animated contents free and easily. Online contents like these can be used to enrich websites and blogs, or as a communication tool (slide presentations, infographics, dossiers, posters or guides). This web-based tool offers several advantages due to the fact that, even if you don’t have any programming or designing skills, you can still create extremely visual and appealing digital resources. It also gives you the possibility to embed all kinds of third-party contents such as social media, maps, questionnaires, videos, audios… And from more than 1,700 providers. The target audience is quite wide too: Genially can be used for teaching (Education), spreading news (Media) or catching new customers (Marketing). You will find that signing up to this app is simple and free. The only thing you need to do is create yourself an account and you’ll be ready to use all the available resources, templates, images, etc. You can also use your Google+ or Facebook accounts to log in. With Genially you’ll enjoy all the advantages of working in the cloud when it comes to accessing your creations and modifying contents. Besides, any work made with Genially can be easily shared in Social Media or Whatsapp. Genially stands out thanks to its versatility: any digital and interactive resources can be developed with this all-in-one tool. All the material created with Genially can be monitored with the measuring function included to check the number of visits and the users’ behavior towards the contents. Collaborative work is also an option. Two or more people can work over the same Genially and share their work with whoever they want. Genially operates on touch devices too. Create or modify your geniallys from your Tablet.

Data Genial.ly

Created Spain, June/2015
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Status Startup
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  • Early/Startup 11/2015
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