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Gettabox is an online relocation, storage and delivery service. We seek to disrupt the way people treat their physical space and to augment the perception of personal freedom. Our transparent pricing policy, innovative algorithms, second to none logistics and the mesh network of warehouses make a compelling value proposition to move your stuff in the "cloud storage". Are you moving in/out? Commuting long hours? Pursuing your MBA overseas? Living in a hostel or leaving for vacation? Desperate for bohemian lifestyle? With Gettabox you no longer have to worry about the language, time, space, lockers, bills etc. Starting Gettabox on your mobile phone is, perhaps, the biggest inconvenience you might have. We Collect, We Store, We Deliver | You Do Not Lift A Finger For investors: alexander.afanasyev(at)gettabox.com

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Created Spain, March/2016
Status Seed

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