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Gnanomat (GNM) is a company founded in 2014 from the entrepreneurial initiative of scientist researches of an R&D public organization with the aim to develop new alternatives to overcome current hurdles in the graphene and graphene-derivatives manufacturing market: quality improvement, reduction of reagent costs, reduction of synthesis steps and environmental friendly technology, derived of cost reduction from pollutant reagents and CO2 emissions. These features, together with the potential of our technology to generate composites with different molecule families, make of GNM technology a sector breakthrough, not only to manufacture high quality graphene, but also to ad-hoc manipulate this nanomaterial to high add-value product graphene-derivatives by a cleaner, cheaper and more versatile procedure that current alternatives available. 
The aim of GNM is to move this know-how, readily covered by patents, to industrial scale and get a market positioning as the first-in–class technology to manufacture high add-value products derived from graphene and exploit graphene potential in areas like Energy and functionalized materials.
Organization founded in Spain.




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