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Startup founded by 6 young entrepreneurs. Leadership, Innovation. Concerned with the environment and social change. Pencil films, Sheedo.

About Gobox Projects

Gobox Projects is a Startup founded by 6 entrepreneurs in September of 2013. Since then we have developed intra-preneurial projects innovating in other companie's products and services. Now we have developed our own projects within Gobox: -Sheedo: a cotton fiber artisan paper that contains seeds in its composition so that when you water it, the camomile seeds grow after 4 days. You can print on it and it's great for green marketing campaigns! sheedo.es -Pencil Films: we make corporate videos for other startups so we can help them explain their activity in a more specific, clear way. We use visual thinking methodologies. -Erasmus Alcalá: A platform for students to look for accommodation in the city of Alcalá de Henares. And not only this, you can share activities, make plans and meet new people!

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Created Spain, September/2013
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