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Gofra Games is a mobile game company founded by videogame veterans. We are redefining the casual mobile racing genre.

About Gofra Games

Gofra Games is a mobile games development company, founded by Julián Goicoa and Xavi Fradera in 2020. We gathered a bunch of colleagues and created a veteran team. We all worked in different companies where we created different hits. We started with an investment of 60.000€ and, since then, we got a FFF round of 190.000€ and two financial rounds of 120.000€ (ENISA) and 100.000€ (ICEC/ICF). We saw that F2P mobile gaming doesn't have a casual racing hit and we are just making it. So, we created a prototype of our project SUM, a casual racing mobile videogame, which was user-tested in different Asian countries and the United States, getting some promising metrics. By now, we have accomplished all game production milestones, now we are looking for investment to finish and launch that game.

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Created Spain, February/2020
Status Seed

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