We are Gourmista, a platform that delivers delicious meals prepared by talented chefs to people. It’s a dialogue, and the language is food.


About Gourmista

Gourmista, a disruptive food concept, is an experiment with greatness. Imagine, for a second, four or five crazy talented, wildly imaginative chefs with the skill and technique to match in one kitchen, on one website at the same time (and watch the masterpieces manifest). Well, this is what Gourmista is. Gourmista is a delivery platform that connects these talented chefs directly to people. We have ambitions to create the greatest access to exciting cuisines that the world has ever seen. We aim to be the leading food ecosystem that connects chefs and customers through culinary experiences. By providing the infrastructure and the technology, Gourmista allows the true passion and craft of the chefs to take center stage.

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