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We are a social company whose mission is to promote urban farming and to support sustainable agriculture projects.


About Grow and Help

Nowadays, more and more people would like to grow their own vegetables at home, on their balconies, windows or terraces. The problem is that urban environments differ greatly (it is not the same to grow vegetables in a rooftop than in an inner courtyard with limited light) and not everyone has the green thumb when it comes to gardening and plant care. That is why we have created HUI! HUI! is based on an electronic device that monitors the plant environment, and an Intelligent Gardening Assistant (mobile app) that uses Artificial Intelligence to guide users to grow any vegetable at home. Moreover, users will be able to sell/buy to their neighbors, by a click on the app, fruits and vegetables, as well as seedlings, homemade organic fertilizers, DIY vertical gardens, grow lights and other garden tools. Here a detailed introduction to our project: http://hui-growandhelp.rhcloud.com/en/

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