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Don´t just say Good Job, Review it forever and help those Guud Workers! When you perceive a Guud Job from Good Professionals, now you have the tool to tell the world how great this worker is. This App lets you rate and leave comments and reviews of anyone´s work in real time and in an easy way. You can also search and find nearby reviews and recommendations of Professional Services. It is the traditional Word of Mouth but in digital, in order to help Good Professionals create a Trustful resume of his profesional skills. If the Pro is not in Guudjob, you just have to ask for his/her phone, email or Twitter user to leave your Recommendations and Comments. Did you like your last Plumber job experience? Ask for his phone number and rate his job in seconds. You loved the last Lebron James performance? Rate his GuudJob introducing his Twitter handle from our App. Just that easy. From Guudjob we want to build a Trustful Community that helps excel Good Professionals by Rates and Reviews enhancing their job opportunities. Let´s gather “Good Jobs”, rating those professionals. Search, find and contact for FREE those Good Professionals nearby you, with the trust of rates and reviews from your Facebook Friends or other Guudjob Users. Hey, do you know a outstanding….?In Guudjob you can find them. It does´t matter if you are a freelance, a professional or an employee at a big Company. You are more that welcome to start building up your Social Resume with social referrals. Guudjob was awarded as the Best Spanish App 2014 and among the best 10 Worldwide Apps on the Mobile Premier Awards 2015. We are so far more than 40.000 dreamers that trust the reviews and recommendations of these Guud Jobs. Would you Join us? It is completely Free. Search and find more information in www.guudjob.com. Contact us and please send your comments and recommendations of the service that Guudjob is offering at hi@guudjob.com Follow us and check the professional rankings on each city and country. https://www.facebook.com/guudjob https://twitter.com/guudjob

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