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About Hotelinking

Hotelinking is a SaaS tool that helps hotels to automate ead generation, brand awareness, web traffic, direct sales, email marketing, big data, and marketing in one solution. So how Hotelinking does really work? Hotelinking is made up of 3 differentiated modules or tools, that work all together - SOCIAL WIFI CRM: Helps to automatically capture every hotel guest who connects to WiFi, showing his or her marketing data on the Social CRM online dashboard. - SOCIAL BRANDING: Helps to gain thousands of shares posted by hotel guests on Facebook, helping discover the brand to a valuable pool of potential customers. - EMAIL AUTOMATION: Helps to automate high conversion marketing email campaigns against the data base captured, boosting bookings on the corporate website. What benefits hotels receive from day one? - Generate a whole new channel of direct bookings. Hotelinking helps hotels to generate and track new bookings triggered by guests referrals on Facebook. - Hotels generally miss to capture over 80% of their potential database, due to manual processing on front-desk. Hotelinking build automatically an online CRM of up to 100% of their potential database. The CRM is enriched with customer social data. - Over 70% of guests share on their own Facebook wall a post related to the hotel. Hotelinking track every single KPI on real time. The Hotel brand receives millions of impressions in Facebook, valued at thousands of EUR. - Thanks to the integration with Facebook, the Hotel receives hundreds of thousands of clicks from Facebook towards the corporate website, discovering the brand to a wide pool of potential customers. - Marketing intel provided by the big data and analytics module, so hotels can take wiser marketing decisions and actions. - Increment on returning customers via the direct channel (corporate website). Hotelinking tracks returning customers and welcomes/rewards them automatically. - A rapid rise in Tripadvisor rankings, thanks to the reputation automated tool, which sends emails to every single customer after they check-out suggesting to post a review on Tripadvisor. Bad reviews can be filtered, before posted if the feature is active. Hotelinking has integration with major WiFi System providers such as Ruckus, Cisco Meraki, Aruba, Mikrotik, and so on. We currently work with large hotel chains with large WiFi infrastructures, that need powerful servers and technology to offer a good service 24/7.

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