Service is "tuning up", expanding and improving the functionality of almost all cloud solutions.

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Currently, cloud services automatically upload only photo, music and video files. All other types of files can be uploaded in a manual way only. In the same time, all uploaded files are sorted exclusively to regular folders without the possibility of detailed categorizing and grouping, and it makes cloud searching and navigating extremely difficult. We are developing solution designed to improve cloud services and allow automatic uploading and sorting of almost all types of files to almost all known clouds. It also allows creating individually customizable folders and categories, to facilitate the uploading of new files, searching and navigating in the clouds. inDrived is working as SaaS, in the same time touching on new field of industry - “Less Data” allowing to decide between working with necessary information only or/and with all the massive of users data Combining space and gathering files from all user's clouds and accounts in one place, along with all other features, inDrived is creating an ideal cloud service • We have applied for a patent and have an approval from patenting department. We are waiting for paper documents • We have 2 author's rights for design solutions, used in inDrived • We have also applied for 2 TM

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