Building an online marketplace where people, including the unbanked, do crowdpurchasing and pay with their mobiles even with no internet.



INFINITY SPACE is a tech Startup with the vision of building technologies that serve the human to solve local and global problems through Social Innovation. Our target markets are the emerging ones and we are currently based in 4 countries (Cameroon, France, Kenya and the UK : soon in China), continually growing to other parts of the world. Jason Fried and DHH in their book, REWORK, say that "Great talent is everywhere" . With that in mind, our team comprises of skilled individuals in the domains of Engineering, Finance , Marketing, Management, Investment, Logistics and Design working remotely for the common goal of changing the world and turning it to a better place with high impact projects. The individuals are from Cameroon, France, Kenya, the UK and China. 

Our first product is, an online marketplace that merges the Crowdfunding concept with e-commerce to enable people to affort quality products at lower price and pay with their mobile event with no credit cards. The system is also designed to be accessible in Offline mode for people in remote areas in Africa and all over the world.

You can contact us via :
Organization founded in Kenya · Cameroon · France.



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