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About ChiTrab

Our objective is to connect businesses and SMEs with Chinese workers. Today, increasing import and export and local consumption by the Chinese people, it makes each year increase the demand for Chinese personnel in our country. The system is simple to perform: Candidate: - Make the registration on the web or through the app, including your CV (In this step, our system differs in that the employee has all the information in Chinese, being more comfortable for him to register) - Search for deals by location. - Registration desired deals. - Newsletter and notices of interest related to your CV - Interview with the company - ... to work! - Being in Chinese, and have weekly information in Mandarin, the user finds attractive and suitable to get a job in your area. Business - Check on our web / app - Search filter - Potential candidates - Selection and interview - ... And to be the best! Companies and SMEs increasingly need different types of employees: translators, at.cliente, commercial, PR, sales in shops, consultants, managers, ... all to open market in the Chinese population. In my experience as director and manager of Institute Native (specialized in teaching Chinese language and culture center), more and more companies, asking us translations for export products, or wish to expand its workforce with Chinese workers sell high-end products. Therefore, it is a great time to open trade in Asian consumption.

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