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Invedus Outsourcing is a remote staffing company in India. At Invedus you can hire virtual assistant and remote employees in all domain.

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Invedus.com is an EaaS (Employee as a Service) provider based in the National Capital Region (NCR) of India. Invedus.com marked its presence in London (UK) since 2014 and quickly expanded to the USA and India shortly after. Invedus, with its values of Excellence, Professionalism & Integrity, revolutionized the outsourcing spectrum by delivering the highest quality at the lowest cost. The company has now grown to more than 500 employees and successfully partnered with SMEs from 31 countries globally. The state-of-the-art model of cloud computing - EaaS Services, facilitates the establishment of your office. And it meets the required number of employees without the cost and complexity of hiring and managing the said office, furniture, data security, IT support, HR, Accounts, Payroll, hardware, software, and providing hosting capabilities. Partnering with Invedus, our clients are able to embrace modern technology and excellent customer experience throughout the outsourcing spectrum such as Digital Marketing, Web Development, Mobile App Development, Content Writing, Data Entry, IT Outsourcing, Technical Support, Graphics, and Web Designing, Multimedia, Virtual Assistant, and many more.

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Created India · United Kingdom · United States, September/2014
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