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About iOmando

iOmando is a platform that provides an opening solution and an access management based on mobile technologies, that enables to replace the traditional remote control, keys or magnetic cards. "iOmando is the switch of the digital era" We also provide third parties with all the technology we have developed, that enables them to customize and offer it to their customers. We offer a service with the best quality and technology, to give to the customers the possibility of opening access from the mobile. And further innovation, developing, renovating and providing our company every day. We have detected that traditional opening systems are expensive, unsafe and uncomfortable. With the technology we have developed, we give people the ability to open access from your mobile. iOmando is a system that combines hardware and software to allow people to open access from your mobile. It’s an access control that can limit different users, different zones of access, the time of access, according to the needs of each client. Ours final customers are private homes, communities, local, warehouses, large enterprises, public institutions, private institutions. Our service is intended to interact with any electromechanical system. For example: parking gates, fences, barriers, bollards, automatic doors, video intercom, alarm, etc.

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Created Spain, September/2013
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Status Startup
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  • Early/Startup 07/2014
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