SaaS platform to manage multi carriers. Targeted customer, the grand and median ecommerce. All tools and data in one plataform to best manag



Izilogistic has developed a SaaS online platform called izitrasn, that is able to mange multi-carrier agencies. With just one integration, connects warehouses and online shops to multiple transport agencies.

Where is the added value?
1) It makes extremely easy to work with several carriers, without the hassle of technically integrating them.
2) It allows assigning the best carrier to each type of delivery.
3) All the deliveries are managed in the same place, no matter which carrier does the delivery.
4) It gives warehouses and online shops, information about what happen with their deliveries in real time and they are able to proactively inform their customers.
5) All issues related to transportation are centralized and handled in the same place.
5) It makes extremely easy to validate invoices from carriers.
6) Provides all types of reports and graphics to evaluate services, to look for improvements and find tendencies.

With izitrans online shops and warehouses will save costs in transport significantly, improve productivity when handling transport agencies and improve customer service.
Organization founded in Spain.




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