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WHO WE ARE Jamn PLAYER is from Johnny Quattro and a Hong Kong-based team. It began after Johnny sold his successful snowboard design consultancy and launched a music business to make music easier and more fun. The first app, Jamn Multi-Tool, featured Johnny’s patent-pending Jamn Wheel and presents complex music theory in a way anyone can understand. Under his leadership the app scored over a million downloads and multiple awards. Together since 2012, the core team’s responsibilities span design and coding. WHY WE'RE DOING THIS As musicians we understand the challenges people encounter when playing music. We want to make discovering and playing music easier for everyone, so we developed a series of Jamn products to break down those barriers. Our latest app, Jamn PLAYER, launched mid-January 2015, garnered over half a million downloads within the first few weeks. It has also attracted enquiries from leading investment firms from across the world, musicians and labels for partnership opportunities. MOST IMPORTANT ACCOMPLISHMENT We bootstrapped and developed a product and business model that generates revenue and can be rapidly scaled. We've also proven ourselves as a strong team with more than one successful product. Now we're ready for the next step to make PLAYER bigger and smarter than before! Jamn Multi-Tool - Find chords to any key fast - over a million downloads - features a patent-pending Jamn wheel - Apple iTunes Best of 2013 apps - Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014 Find out more at http://getjamn.com/more-apps

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