Social Recruiting Solution and Executive Search services worldwide through Social Networks based in our unique Social Search Engine.

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JaraTech Social Technologies ( www.jaratech.com ) provides technology, products and consultancy services on Social Recruiting and Job Seeking methodologies. Our principal product www.shakingjobs.com works for jobseekers worldwide and it supports companies to develop social recruiting technics in order to become more effective attracting talent and its management. Our social recruiting engine works through most of the well-known social networks such as LinkedIn, Xing, Viadeo, Facebook and Twitter. This engine has been developed by us and it is our most important difference in the Market: our technology. This technology enables us to find people in social networks that possess some characteristics that make them adequate to the customer profiles. These characteristics are a wide range of criteria that can be found in the social network profiles analyzing the text written in them. JaraTech has been working for an extensive list of companies developing technology and social recruiting services to them since 2009.

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