Kapdewala is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) lifestyle fashion brand founded by Akash Sharma.

About Kapdewala

COMPANY NAME:- KAPDEWALA FIELD OF OPERATION:- CLOTHING. YEAR OF STABLISHMENT:- 2021 KAPDEWALA as the name describes, its a online clothing e-commerce website for customized t-shirts for men & women. The idea behind the brand has always been to proudly convey the essence of India with the right amount of humour. Noida-based Kapdewala is a bootstrapped startup mainly focuses on B2C sales, the startup also offer personalised merchandise like company t-shirts. Kapdewala is a desi brand which provides the most unique, desi and fun designs for our fashion and lifestyle products. Our motive is to provide latest design products with high quality to our customers.

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Created India, March/2021
Status Startup

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