Katomi is a start-up specializing in the E-health sector


Katomi offers a technological solution for secure storage and intuitive indexing of images for medical use. Katomi's goal is to provide an alternative to the everyday problems physicians face in managing and tracking patient photos. It makes available to its users: A mobile application that allows to consult the images by patient, by pathology and by category. A Cloud Application that provides an intuitive web interface, through which it is possible to: - Customize indexing criteria - Follow the evolution of a lesion or the results of a treatment using a comparative visualization system Created in 2016, the Katomi team is already developing its own artificial intelligence algorithm. Through deep learning, the start-up plans to refine "learning by experience" of this algorithm by feeding it with a Big Data base of images. At the end of 2017, this technology could be put into operation. It will be integrated into a mobile application to aid in the diagnosis and detection of certain pathologies, in particular skin cancer.


Created September/2016
Status Startup

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