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Knowband brought the no code Magento mobile app solution for both Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x eCommerce store owners.

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Knowband is a leading name as an eCommerce plugin development and marketing firm. We have established ourselves as a leading provider of eCommerce mobile app builder. Our main aim is to offer easy to use, yet powerful eCommerce mobile app that can provide a competitive edge to your online business. Our team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals promises to enrich the functionality of your eCommerce store with minimal effort. With years of experience, Knowband has come with an intuitive solution to upgrade your eCommerce stores into a fully-functional mobile app. Our Magento mobile app builder can help you stay in sync with the industry trends and survive in the competitive scenario. Magento Mobile App Builder by Knowband provides a user-friendly and engaging platform that makes the task of tapping the customer base easier for the e-merchants. The apps created by the Magento mobile app maker are feature-rich and fully compatible with every handheld device. The attractive and functional mobile apps let the buyers access your Magento web store without any hassle. Thus, Knowband has made the task of Magento Mobile App development seamless for you. WHY EXACTLY YOU NEED A MOBILE APP? Mobile Commerce offers the easiest way to target larger customer base and increases the sales of your store. In this era of convenience-seeking customers, mobile apps are the best-suited option for online business. Having an app is not just any other need nowadays, rather it is a necessity. Knowband brings you the ideal solution to upgrade your Magento store into Android and iOS apps and makes sure that your business reaches new peaks of success. Earlier, having a Magento mobile app was a complex task. You either required to code for the app or hire a developer. But, the revolutionary Magento Android/iOS Mobile App Creator now takes your store products to the fingertips of the mobile users with least effort. So, go ahead and with our Magento Mobile App Builder, try your hands at new hassle-free mobile applications and target a heavy mobile user base with just a few clicks.

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