WebRTC media server and a set of client APIs

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Kurento is a project devoted to simplify the creation of multimedia enabled applications in mobile an WWW environments. Kurento is the Esperanto word for the English term "stream". As you know, Esperanto is an artificial language designed to be simple to learn by people. It was an attempt to create a universal language enabling interpersonal communications among humans avoiding the fragmentation of regional languages and, therefore, eliminating the need to learn different languages to communicate to different people. Following this the objective of Kurento is providing an open framework and a set of APIs for the agile creation of interactive social multimedia convergent applications by non-expert developers. Currently Kurento is a community behind which there are some companies offering commercial services, some university research groups and a number of individuals. All of them provides its bit for maintaining the community. Developed by https://www.naevatec.com/

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