Lampix brings glass-less augmented reality to any surface. In the process, it also turns the surface into a smart surface.

About Lampix

Lampix is composed of a projector, 2 cameras for input and a computer. Lampix will recognize objects and project context relevant buttons and menus for different actions. Humans than hold their fingers on the appropriate buttons and menus to make the computer take those actions. Lampix works out-of-the-box after you answer a few questions. As easy to use as any Apple product. HOW DO YOU USE A LAMPIX? If you put an object on the table, Lampix will recognize it and project actions that make sense. Put a tea mug on the table. Lampix will project the button "timer". Use it as a tea timer. Put a paper on the table, Lampix will project "share, copy, dropbox, freeze image, etc." Lampix has the shape of a lamp. It stands above a desk, a table, the floor or any flat surface and projects onto it. Here are 6 use cases as examples : You have a notebook. You want to keep track of what you write in it and where. Open a page, tag the page with a tag, sub-tag, and so on. Later browse your tag tree and select one. Lampix will project images of all notebook pages with that tag. Lampix can tag objects as well. You are in a retail store. You put a few products under lampix. When a customer picks up any product a video plays showing that product being worn. At the end of the video buttons appear: how it's made, why we made it, find other colors and more buttons. You want to disassemble a drone? You put the drone under lampix and hold the button disassemble. If lampix knows that object it will project instructions on how to disassemble it by projecting on top of the drone arrows and instructions. You have an object and you want to measure its size. You put the object under lampix and you push the "measure" button and lampix projects its measurements. You want to cook but you are worried of touching the keyboard or mouse with your dirty hands? No problem. Have lampix project what you need on the table and scroll the recipe with your dirty hands by pushing the projected buttons. No risk of dirtying any keyboard or mouse. You have a paper you need to email. Put the paper flat on the table under lampix. Hold the "email" button. An email opens on your pc ready to be sent with the document attached as an image. You have a pile of business cards? Display them under lampix and hold the "send nice-to-meet-you email" button to process them all in 1 minute.

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Created United States, September/2015
Status Seed

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