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We’re going to present you people, companies and opportunities that suit you. Not based on your history, your resume or LinkedIn, but based on your passions and interests. And in addition we take the cultural fit and other preferences or requirements into account. This way we’re able to make recommendations that do make sense. We uncover opportunities previously unknown. In order to achieve this we have to reinvent the interaction between talent and companies, or between talent mutually. Posting an job opening, receiving loads of motivational letters and resumes and hoping to find the best candidate is an outdated process. It doesn’t fit the needs of both talent and employers. A talent is looking for challenging work that enables his personal growth and creates new opportunities. He’s looking forward. While applying for a job he’s asked for his history, his resume. Let’s create a place where talent can show its true passion, purpose and potential, and be found.

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Created October/2015
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