Artificial intelligence applied to language learning


About Lingualia

Time to learn languages Lingualia is a social network for language learning that applies artificial intelligence to personalise the course to match the exact requirements of each student. Thanks to this algorithm based on artificial intelligence, the software is able to learn from each user and adjust the content to meet their individual requirements. In other words, it’s a course which adapts itself to each student, not the other way around. Lingualia understands its users and makes its own decisions to tailor unique learning experiences. Both the content and the structure of the course shift and meld themselves as required, guiding the student towards a more successful and streamlined progression. This isn’t a linear course and it isn’t the same for everyone. This course adapts to the student, not the other way around. Lingualia will focus on the areas which need more work, for example vocabulary rather than grammar, personalising the content to match students’ motivation. Depending the students’ motivation, Lingualia can provide learning material geared towards business or tourism while taking into account the time the users have available to study each day. These are just two of the many factors taken into consideration by this intelligent system to provide a complete and adaptive learning experience. WEB / iPHONE / ANDROID Lingualia synchronises automatically the progress of each user in all the platforms (web, iPhone). This means that you can spend 30 minutes using Lingualia in your computer and then continue in your Android device. You won’t need to repeat anything since you’ll continue exactly from the same point you left in your computer.

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