The Lord of the Bets

The social game where you can create bets of any imaginable topic!





What is The Lord of the Bets?

The Lord of the Bets, or LOTB for friends, is your first social network where you can participate in bets of any imaginable topic with your friends. It is about turning the tables on the world of gambling; transporting it to a popular culture, beyond sports, and giving more importance to the user. In LOTB you can make community with many other people who share your interests, you can create your own pools and take part in others of so different themes such as Game of Thrones, elections or even snail races!

Can I create my own bets?

Yes. In addition to the pools created by the team of LOTB, who will always be on the lookout for new updated bets, each user can create as many bets as you like on any topic imaginable. Each and every one of these will be screened by LOTB’s filter that will decide whether it can be carried out or not. The user takes 1% of the profits from each bet he has created. During the beta phase the user will not participate or win with real money, but with our virtual currency, the relic.

Is it a social network or a game?

It is a social game. Within each bet you can comment and discuss, besides to make friends and “follow” other users of the platform to view their profile and activity. In addition, every action within the platform, such as voting, winning or commentating on a bet, is recorded and accumulated to win titles that bring you more relics, or to unlock stickers.
Organization founded in Spain. Since July/2016. STARTUP phase.


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