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LOTUS Containers, being a global container provider, offers different container types in varied dimensions.

About LOTUS Containers

LOTUS Containers, one of the world’s top shipping container suppliers provides top-notch cargo containers available in different types and dimensions. Being headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, we provide container services globally with our representative offices present in different parts of the world. We have been providing prime container solutions to help you carry on all local and international project-related tasks with affordability and ease for decades. We have partnered with more than 300 container depots in the world to help you get better container storage and services. Our Hamburg depot is well-equipped to carry on maintenance and other services to keep your shipping units in top-notch condition. We have a huge container fleet at our disposal to help you carry out all transportation or storage activities with flexibility. We provide special intermodal transportation services to help you get the boxes where you are. After you make the purchase, we help you get freight units in top condition and shape by using different modes of transportation like rail, truck, and sea. It does not matter where you are, we will deliver the boxes to the mentioned location. With our buyback service, we help you get freedom from the unused boxes lying in your backyard. For the boxes that you have purchased from us, you can resell them back to us and get better deals on them. As we take the cargo units disregarding the state they are in. We carry your loads, to help you stay stress-free.

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