Lounger connects frequent flyers with ordinary flies and gets these lounge access




Lounger is an app that lets you meet and mingle or just do a favour to other passengers. Through lounger, you can gain access to lounges world-wide or give someone you meet through the app the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of premium transiting. How the App works? Step One: You register your account with us. Facebook integration makes this a speedy process and you can build your profile by choosing from your Facebook pictures. The service is entirely free. Step Two: You sign in at the airport. As a host, you pick your lounge. As a guest, you select the lounges you’d like to get in to. Step Three: You can approach a guest or a host and message them. You can check out the profiles of all available guests/hosts and contact them through the messaging system. It’s entirely up to you who to meet and not and if you’d like to socialize or simply show some kindness to a fellow traveler.
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