We aggregate all the sales from 100’s of retailers and 1000’s of brands onto one website. We display products from some of the UK’s biggest retailers, including the likes of ASOS, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Selfridges, M&S and many more. We solve two distinct problems - one for consumers and one for retailers.

Sales attract shoppers, best illustrated by crowded shopping centres during the January sales. Despite the appeal, it can be frustrating for many due to the effort required to find the best deals. Shopping the sales online is a welcome alternative and, rather than visiting site after site, Love the Sales offers shoppers the chance
to see all sale items, across all departments, all of the time in one place. No more keeping track of whose sale is when or having to check each site individually. 

Retailers hold sales for a number of reasons, including to sell off unsold inventory or end of line stock. These are issues that need to be dealt with quickly. Sales are now common place and many retailers hold them year round. When pricing items they
factor in a future price reduction and often put extremely popular stock on sale to attract shoppers. In fact, on average 12.5% of all UK retailers stock is on sale at any one time. Love the Sales offers retailers a targeted audience to promote their sales.
Organization founded in United Kingdom.



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